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Emilie Dulles was born into the art of invitation design and classic printing processes. Her family began importing fine American stationery to Switzerland in the late 1980s.

Emilie is renowned for her high quality engraved printing, private guest list management, distinctive taste making, superb organization, and academic background.

With over 25 years of experience, Dulles Designs offers the finest quality engraving, textural letterpress printing, custom calligraphy, and precise finishing and mailing services to discerning clients, families, and event planners.

Emilie works with invitation, stationery, and guest list clients located in cities around the world, most notably in Washington DC, New York, and Palm Beach.

Emilie was born in Manhattan, grew up in Switzerland and in England, and graduated from Princeton University with an A.B. in Philosophy ('03).

Dulles Designs caters to brides, hostesses, business owners, and private clubs throughout the US, Europe, and the Caribbean, providing full service wedding and invitation suites –– designed, printed, and hand cancelled via calligraphy-addressed envelopes.

Emilie is also well known for her exquisite personal, boutique office, corporate event, private club, and elegant resort stationery.

If you wish to meet with Emilie or interview Dulles Designs in Washington DC, New York, Palm Beach, or your own city, please contact us with an overview of your event ideas and deadline via

Private consultations: Charleston SC, New York City area, Palm Beach & South Florida, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia